Dividing lines - Conservatism is the Way Forward for a Better, Fairer Britain for All

Building a stronger, fairer economy
The Conservatives are building an economy that works for everyone
Labour don’t know how to handle the economy, and working people would pay the price just like last time

Helping people with the cost of living

  • We have cut income tax, frozen fuel duty, increased the living wage, boosted pensions, and cut student loan repayments to give people a bit more help with the cost of living
  • Labour’s expensive promises means they would have to put up taxes for everyone, making it harder for families to make ends meet


Taking a balanced approach to the public finances

  • We are taking a balanced approach: getting our debt falling, while also supporting our  public services like the NHS and investing in the infrastructure and skills we need for Britain’s future, as well as helping people with the cost of living 
  • Under Labour the costs would rack up and up – meaning more debt, higher taxes and fewer jobs – hitting people in the pocket and putting our economy at risk


Backing businesses 

  • We are backing business to create good jobs while making sure they play by the rules
  • Labour don’t understand the benefits businesses bring and would hit small business with higher taxes


Delivering more good jobs for people

  • By backing businesses and rewarding work, we have cut unemployment to a 40 year low, and since 2010 over 1,000 people have moved into work every day
  • No Labour government has ever left office with unemployment lower than it was when they came into government


Helping people onto the housing ladder

  • We are building the homes people need, so everyone can afford a safe, decent place to live, and we help as many people as possible to get on the housing ladder
  • Labour would make it harder to get a good quality home by putting the economy that supports housebuilding at risk, taxing homes more, and causing mortgage rates to rise


Building a fair welfare system

  • We are making sure we have a strong welfare system that’s fair for people who need it and fair for taxpayers who pay for it
  • Labour would return to unlimited, something-for-nothing benefits culture that would leave people trapped on benefits and cost taxpayers more


Protecting and improving our NHS

  • We have protected and increased health spending every year – and will deliver a long-term plan so our NHS is always there to look after people
  • Labour can’t deliver the strong economy our NHS needs, and cut funding in Wales where they run the health services


Improving standards in education

  • We are improving schools, colleges and universities so everyone can have the best start in life
  • Labour would let standards slide and have already broken their promise over student debt


Getting the best Brexit deal

  • We are getting the best Brexit deal for the whole country – with control of our money, borders, and laws, while building a strong new relationship with Europe
  • Labour are working to frustrate Brexit rather than make it a success, and they have no interest in controlling our borders


Striking new trade deals

  • We want the freedom to negotiate trade agreements with other countries around the world, to create more jobs here in the UK
  • Labour have broken their promise over the EU customs union, meaning we wouldn’t be able to do our own trade deals after Brexit


Controlling immigration

  • We will get control of our borders after Brexit and bring immigration down to sustainable levels
  • Labour have no interest in controlling immigration and wouldn’t get control of our borders from Brexit


Keeping communities safe

  • We will keep our families, communities and country safe by making sure the police, armed forces and intelligence agencies have the powers and the money they need
  • Labour have opposed important powers that keep us safe and couldn’t give the police and others the resources they need because they don’t know how to handle the economy


Defending the UK

  • We are meeting our NATO defence target, backing our armed forces and working with our allies to keep the UK safe
  • Labour wouldn’t back the armed forces, have broken their promise over renewing Trident, and would turn their back on our closest allies


Protecting our environment for the future

  • We are leaving our planet in a better state for our children, with stronger protections for animal welfare, cleaner air and greener spaces.
  • Labour are failing to play catch up with the progress that we have made.


Standing tall in the world as a Global Britain

  • We are ensuring we are a Global Britain, that provides leadership in the world and shapes the issues that affect our future
  • Labour are more interested in shouting from the sidelines than acting in the UK’s interests abroad



MPs have backed our plan to hold a general election on 12 December – so we can elect a new Parliament, get Brexit done and let the country move on.

We didn't want an election, but this Parliament has forced another delay on Brexit which is really damaging the country.


Last night, MPs backed our new deal which could have guaranteed we get Brexit done on 31 October. But once again, Labour voted for more dither and pointless delay.


We need a new deal or no deal, but no more delays – if the EU fails to match the UK’s compromise, we will leave without a deal on 31 October.


The Prime Minister has launched a recruitment drive to deliver 20,000 new police officers and make our streets safer.

People want to see more officers in their neighbourhoods, protecti

The unprecedented drive to deliver more frontline officers will