May 2019 Wealden District Council Elections

District council elections will be held throughout Wealden on 2nd May 2019. 

Wealden Conservatives stand proudly on their record of running the district authority and ask for your support to enable them to continue to deliver quality services.

They have striven successfully to:

  • Keep council tax increases low
  • Support infrastructure improvements
  • Send less then 1% of waste to landfull
  • Maintain free car parking in Wealden-owned car parks.


Vote Conservative on May 2nd and Wealden Conservatives will spend your money wisely on value-for-money services:

Waste Collection - high rate of recycling

Environmental Services - including high food-safely standards, premises and taxi licensing

Planning - conserving the past planning, planning for the future

Building Control - making sure homes are constructed safely

Housing Services - ensure a range of housing for sale and rent.


Council Tax

Less than 10% of the total council tax you pay goes to Wealden. In the years 2010/11 to 2019/20 the average annual increase in Wealden's council tax has been only 1.1% - yet, in the period Jan 2011 to Jan 2019, inflation was over 24%.



To view the May election manifesto, click the link below.




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