Town Council Elections 2019

Having selected candidates for each of the Wealden District Council wards, Wealden Conservative Association is now planning for the three Town Council elections to be held in May 2019. If you feel that you could champion your town, please consider becoming a candidate for a Crowborough, Hailsham or Uckfield Town Council seat. The application for is below - just complete and return to the Office as soon as possible.   

To be eligible, you need to live, work or own property in the town where you wish to stand, or reside within three miles of the town boundary. If in doubt, please ask or enquire of the relevant Town Clerk.

Supporting and improving Local Government

Conservative councils keeping Council Tax low and better services

  • Conservative councils continue to charge lower levels of council tax than Labour or Liberal Democrat councils: Averaged across tiers, Conservative-controlled councils in 2018-19 in England charge £116 a year less than Labour-controlled councils on a Band D home, and £132 a year less than Liberal Democrat-controlled councils.[1]
  • Conservatives charge the lowest taxes: The lowest council tax in England in 2018-19 is Conservative Westminster at £709 on Band D (of which £294 is the Labour-set GLA precept), followed by Conservative Wandsworth at £722 on Band D (including GLA).[2]
  • A majority of people feel council services have stayed the same or actually improved. A poll by the Local Government Association showed that the majority of people (66 per cent) are satisfied with the way councils run things.[3]

Giving councils the freedom, greater certainty to plan and secure value for money

  • We are giving councils a real-terms increase in spending power – in the third year of a four year deal with the sector. We gave councils more certainty with 4-year deals, with councils in England having access to over £200 billion to deliver high-quality services between 2015 to 2020. We are now in the third year of a four year deal that was accepted by 97 per cent of councils in return for publishing efficiency plans.[4]
  • We have sets council tax referendum principles in line with inflation so Councils can have the resources they need. The settlement sets the referendum principles at 3 per cent. This change, which comes alongside an extra £2 billion funding for social care announced last year, gives local authorities the independence they need to relieve pressure on local services without overburdening families.[5]
  • We are delivering an extra £150 million for Adult Social Care. Following consultation on the provisional settlement there will be an additional £150 million for local authorities to fund Adult Social Care services – on top of new funding announced last year.[6]

Making sure councils work for communities across England

  • We are increasing the Rural Services Delivery Grant to its highest ever level. The settlement includes an additional £16 million on top of new money announced at the provisional settlement.  This means the overall additional funding for rural authorities will be £81 million in 2018-19 – the highest it’s ever been.[7]
  • We are continuing to increase business rates retention for local authorities they have control over the money they raise locally. We are giving local authorities more control over the money they raise locally. We want local authorities to retain 75 per cent of business rates from 2020 to 2021 - this will therefore allow councils to have the levers and incentives they need to grow their local economies.[8]
  • We are getting on with the Fair Funding Review. We need an updated methodology that gives councils the confidence for the future, so we have published a formal consultation on a review of relative needs and resources alongside the provisional settlement.[9]


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