Eridge Branch

Photo - "War memorial at Eridge - - 807375" by Jonathan Billinger. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons - 

Branch Chairman    Cllr William Rutherford  Tel; 01892 752254   email

The Eridge Branch, the first Conservative Association Branch in the UK, was founded in 1872 by the then Lord Abergavenny who was also known as the ‘Tory Bloodhound’.  The fifth Earl of Abergavenny became the 1st Marquess in 1876 and Disraeli said of the 1st Marquess ‘I often wish I had such a man by my right side in public life’.In 1888 there was a very well supported Unionist celebration in Eridge Park, attended by over 30,000 people and recorded as a ‘fantastic success and the most memorable political gathering ever held in the South of England’.

The Branch continues to flourish and, although small in number, meets regularly and is actively involved in a range of fund raising events and administrative duties supporting the Wealden Association as one of its Association branches.

County Councillors

Francis Whetstone (covers Eridge Rotherfield WFM & Mark Cross Rotherfield WFN)

District Councillors

Johanna Howell

Bob Standley


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Cllr Francis Whetstone

East Sussex County Councillor for Forest Row and Groombridge

East Sussex County Councillor for Forest Row and Groombridge
Association Past President

Cllr Bob Standley

Wealden District Council Leader, District Councillor for Frant and Wadhurst
County Councillor for Wealden NE and Lead Member for Education and Inclusion, Special Educational Needs and Disability
Deputy Chairman (Political) of Wealden Conservatives

East Sussex County Councillor for Wealden North East
Wealden District Councillor for Wadhurst and Council Leader
a Deputy Chairman of Wealden Conservatives

Cllr Johanna Howell

District Councillor for Frant & Wadhurst, with Cllr Bob Standley
Chairman of High Weald Branch

Wealden District Councillor for Frant & Wadhurst (along with Cllr Bob Standley), Johanna Howell was elected in 2007. She is Chairman of the council's Planning North committee and a member of: 

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Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, is delighted that her successful campaigning to secure accessibility improvements at both Crowborough and Eridge train stations has started to have an impact.