The Business Secretary has announced an additional £84 million to support scientists working to find a coronavirus vaccine, meaning up to 30 million doses could be available in the UK by September, if trials are successful.

  • Scientists in the UK are at the forefront of the development of a vaccine for coronavirus, and yesterday we announced that the new Vaccines Manufacturing and Innovation Centre will open 12 months early.
  • We will provide £65.5 million to support the vaccine being developed at Oxford University, and £18.5 million for Imperial College London, as trials accelerate. If the Oxford University vaccine is found to be successful, UK-based AstraZeneca will work to make 30 million doses available by September for people in the UK, as part of an agreement to deliver 100 million doses in total.
  • Whilst we have to be realistic that a vaccine may take more time, and indeed, could never come to fruition, it is absolutely right that we are prepared to manufacture a vaccine at pace in this country, as we continue to lead the global response in the fight against coronavirus.

Today, our landmark Immigration Bill will be debated in the House of Commons, ending free movement and paving the way for a new points-based system that will attract the best and brightest from around the world. 

  • During the election six months ago, we promised the British people that we would introduce a firmer and fairer points-based immigration system that would attract people based on the skills they have, not where they are from.
  • The Immigration Bill delivers on that promise – ending free movement and giving the UK full control of our immigration system for the first time in decades.
  • As we come through coronavirus, we will have a new immigration system in place that prepares the UK for the future, allowing us to attract the best and brightest to help rebuild our economy, our communities and our vital public services.