Today should have been the day that Brexit was delivered and we finally left the EU. But despite the great new deal the Prime Minister negotiated, Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, and the Liberal Democrats stopped us from getting Brexit done and allowing us to move our country forward.

  • Parliament could have chosen to deliver Brexit in a smooth and orderly way today but instead, after frustrating it at every opportunity, they opted for more pointless dither and delay.
  • We didn’t want this election, but this Parliament cannot agree on anything and so we need a new Parliament – it is the only way forward or we risk more pointless delay in 2020 rather than delivering on the people’s priorities.
  • We want next year to be a great year for our country. Over the last 99 days, the Prime Minister has shown he has a bold domestic agenda that can restore hope and level up opportunities across the UK. This is exactly what we will continue with if the public choose the Conservatives in this election.
  • We need to break the deadlock, move forward and deliver on the issues that matter to people: investing in frontline NHS services, recruiting thousands more police officers to reduce violent crime and boosting our schools to put the country on the road to a brighter future.

The Labour Party doesn’t have a plan to deliver Brexit, insisting on more dither, delay and uncertainty for families and businesses.

  • A vote for Labour is not a vote for change. It is precisely the opposite - a vote for more delay and uncertainty on Brexit, meaning the Government can’t focus on issues we know people care about.
  • Corbyn’s extreme economic ideas would wreck the economy like Labour always do – with fewer jobs, less money for public services and ordinary people paying the price through higher taxes.
  • Only Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party have a plan to break the deadlock and get Brexit done so that the country can move on and end the uncertainty.

Labour have confirmed they would grant a second Scottish independence referendum if they won the General Election, proving that they cannot be trusted to defend our precious Union.

  • The election has barely begun and Jeremy Corbyn is already flirting with the SNP – caving in to their attempts to break up Britain in exchange for their support.
  • All Labour offer the British people is more arguing, delay and indecision, with two further referendums on Brexit and Scottish independence doing nothing to bring Britain back together.
  • As Conservatives who care deeply about our union, we will never allow this to happen. And we simply cannot afford more delay and distraction from the things that really matter, like investing in our NHS, tackling violent crime and reducing the cost of living.