Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, appeared on both Hailsham FM and Uckfield FM last week, celebrating the contribution Wealden’s first-rate community radio stations make.

Hailsham FM began broadcasting in May this year, broadcasting live every day to the people of Hailsham and the surrounding areas, as well as online. Hailsham FM began life broadcasting for the Hailsham Festival of Arts in 2013 and subsequent years, before gaining a full-time licence to operate from 2018 onwards.

Nus appeared on Hailsham FM for the first time last week, chatting with Nick Collinson, a Wealden District Councillor for Hailsham, about the fantastic rise of Hailsham FM.

Nus has regularly appeared on Uckfield FM as the local Member of Parliament, supporting a local Uckfield institution which has been operating since 2002.

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said: “Our local community radio stations are fantastic community assets run by local people for local people.

“I was delighted to help push for Hailsham FM’s full time license, and to see their full time broadcasting begin a month ago. I enjoyed appearing on their Friday morning show for the first time and look forward to joining Hailsham FM again soon.

“It was great to be on the show alongside Nick Collinson, who works so hard as a District Councillor for Hailsham, promoting everything great about Hailsham including the upcoming Hailsham Festival of Arts.

“Uckfield FM is a well-established and popular institution in Wealden, and I always enjoy going on their shows which I have done regularly since I was first elected.

“I know that Hailsham FM will be following in Uckfield FM’s hugely successful footprints going forward – to the benefit of all my constituents in Wealden.”