The Government has expanded testing so that anyone aged 5 and above with symptoms can now get tested for Coronavirus – as we continue to scale up our capacity.

  • From now, anyone aged 5 and above with symptoms of Coronavirus, which will now include anosmia, is eligible for a test. If you are experiencing a loss of sense of smell or taste, a new, continuous cough, or a high temperature, you can book a test online by visiting
  • After doubling lab capacity, setting up 50 regional test centres and 116 mobile testing units, and introducing home testing kits and 3 Lighthouse laboratories, the UK’s testing capacity continues to scale up towards 200,000 a day.
  • These extra tests will help slow the spread of the virus, allow key workers to return to work safely, and give healthy people the peace of mind they need. We will continue to give priority to NHS staff and care home residents and workers in order to protect our most vulnerable.

This morning, the Government has announced the new UK Global Tariff regime so that, for the first time in 50 years, we can set our own tariffs tailored to the UK economy – benefitting households and businesses across the country.

  • As we have left the EU, for the first time in half a century we can set our own tariff regime that is tailored to the needs of the UK economy.
  • When transition ends at the end of the year, the new UK Global Tariff will make it easier and cheaper for businesses to import from overseas. It is tailored to our economy and will simplify nearly 6,000 tariff lines, and reduce costs for firms by reducing administrative burdens.
  • This new regime will support the economy as it recovers from the pandemic, with lower costs for consumers, less red tape and complexity for business, and a tariff regime suited to the UK economy.

The Government is launching a new Statutory Sick Pay Rebate scheme to put money back into the pockets of millions of employers, as part of our unprecedented package of measures to support businesses during this difficult time.