Nusrat Ghani, Member of Parliament for Wealden, was pleased to learn, as part of the Conservative Government’s funding to improve accessibility across the rail network for disabled people, that Crowborough train station will be upgraded to have step-free access.

This will help thousands of disabled people every year in Wealden use trains more easily to get to work, access vital services, to travel across the country, and to visit friends and family. This is one of a further 73 stations announced today that will benefit from £300m of Access For All funding.

This is part of a series of moves toward a fully inclusive transport network will make it easier for disabled people to use more of the rail network. This programme has meant that nearly 75% of journeys across the UK are now step-free.

Over the next five years journeys will be opened up across Britain, as more footbridges and lifts are added to make it easier for disabled people to travel on the UK’s rail network.

This funding will also benefit those with health conditions, or older people with impairments, along with those travelling with children, heavy luggage, or shopping: creating a rail network for everyone.

Nus Ghani, MP for Wealden, said: “I am particularly delighted that Crowborough station, in Wealden, has been selected for Access for All funding: ensuring that people here can get out and about.

“The Conservatives have embarked on an unprecedented investment programme to upgrade our transport network, ensuring it is both fit for the future and accessible for everyone.

“This funding does just that. We are committed to providing disabled people with the same access to travel as everyone else and delivering step-free access at Crowborough station will help thousands more people travel easily and without additional cost, time or stress.

“We want the 13.9 million disabled people in Britain to be empowered to travel independently, which is why I am delighted to announced this roll out of upgrades across the whole network.

“In the next five years, these newly accessible stations will open us routes across the country, helping us move closer to a transport sector that is truly accessible.”

Philip Lunn, Wealden district councillor, said of the news: “ I applaud the efforts of our MP Nus Ghani, in respect of securing funding to enable important works to be carried out at our local railway station. It is all too easy to forget people in our society who suffer from disabilities - and these works will make life so much easier for the residents of - and visitors to - our green and pleasant Town.”

Nusrat Ghani (C) with Barry Marlowe (L) and Bob Standley (R)