The Environment Bill offers a Greener, Cleaner, and Stronger Britain says Nus Ghani who welcomes the unveiling of the Environment Bill, which sets out the UK’s commitment to abide by the most ambitious environmental programme in the world.

The Bill, a central manifesto pledge for the Government and a flagship measure listed in the Queen’s Speech, sets out a comprehensive framework for government, the economy and for people at home. It shall be guided by the historic ‘net-zero carbon by 2050’ target and aims to take a whole-of-government approach to tackle the scientifically-proven deterioration of our environment.

Consultations with the public, the Scottish and Welsh governments, as well as with the Northern Irish Civil Service underpin the contents of the Bill, ensuring that local and regional priorities are dealt with thoroughly and seriously. Provisions include world-class target-setting guidelines, the emergence of the independent Office for Environmental Protection, and the adoption of minimum eco-design requirements, to reduce the impact of products on the environment.

Nus Ghani particularly hails the measures concerning waste reduction and water planning, given that Wealden residents’ primary concerns relating to the environment are the elimination of plastic waste and the sustainability of the sewage system.

Nus stated: ‘The Environment Bill is a milestone in our country’s history. Not only does it deliver on an important manifesto promise, but it also addresses the growing need for comprehensive action on our treasured environment, for the sake of future generations.’

‘The Bill is tailored to our country’s unique natural landscape and takes into account views from across all sections of our society, as well as devolved administrations. That is why I think that its enactment will empower us to become the first ever generation to leave the environment in a better state than the one we found it in.’
‘I am highly aware of the acute need for this Bill. As Maritime Minister, I have personally overseen the introduction of the world’s first Clean Maritime Plan, aiming to minimise the impact of shipping on our oceans and the atmosphere.’

‘I have always campaigned and voted for laws that make our country greener, cleaner, and more considerate towards natural habitats. I am sure that future generations will look back on this moment as the start of a period of environmental renewal.’