Pupils from Rotherfield Primary School explored the wonders of the Palace of Westminster and discovered more about the British political system, from how Parliament legislates, to what an MP does in the Chamber, in Westminster Hall, and in Committees.  

The inquisitive children posed a number of pertinent questions, during a tour and Q&A session hosted by the Parliamentary Education Centre. The group was particularly drawn to the journey of a bill from idea, to debate, and finally into law.

Following the educational session, the group moved on to visit both the House of Commons and the House of Lords. 

They traced the footsteps of many historic figures, admired the paintings adorning the Palace, and listened carefully to the fascinating facts about the building and the institution it houses.

Nus Ghani remarked: ‘I am glad that Rotherfield Primary school became the second Wealden school to visit Parliament this year. I hope that this informative visit will stay with the young visitors and maybe even motivate some of them to take a more active role in our democracy.’

‘Every year for the past five years, I have written to every primary school in Wealden encouraging them to book a visit to Parliament. I made a pledge, back in 2015 and at every election since, to open up Parliament to the next generation of leaders and inspire our students to never hold back in achieving their dream job.’

‘I must place on record my thanks to Wealden teaching staff and volunteers who make these trips possible. The way to a bright future is through making sure that our children feel engaged with and appreciated by our democratic institutions.’