NHS at 70

 The NHS turns 70 today – so let’s celebrate the achievements of one of the nation’s most loved institutions.

 Thousands of NHS staff are delivering world class healthcare to patients across the country, and today is the perfect opportunity to recognise their hard work and dedication.

·After 70 years, the NHS remains one of the nation’s most loved institutions, and we want to ensure that our NHS has many more birthdays to come.

·That’s why we have increased the NHS budget every year we have been in government and have set out a long-term plan for the NHS, delivering a funding boost of £20.5 billion a year to secure the future of the service for future generations.

·This week, the Health and Social Care Secretary announced over £200 million of investment in NHS health research to develop innovative treatments and transform the lives of millions.

Why this matters: The vision at the heart of the NHS has remained the same over 70 years – a tax-funded service that is available to all and free at the point of use. Because of the extraordinary work of our hardworking NHS staff, more people are living longer lives. Today, we will celebrate the achievements of our NHS.