Today the Chancellor has announced that almost 900,000 public sector workers including doctors, teachers and police officers will see above-inflation pay rises for the third year in the row – reflecting their dedication, hard work and contribution to our country.  A special brief will follow this morning

  • Recent months have underlined what we always knew – that our public sector workers make a vital contribution to our country and are always there for us to rely on when we need them. 
  • Today, we’ve announced that almost 900,000 public sector workers, including doctors, teachers and police officers, will see above-inflation pay rises – for the majority the third year in a row – reflecting their dedication, hard work and contribution to our country.
  • We will always stand squarely behind our public sector workers as they continue to keep us safe, better our communities, and look after those who need it.

The Housing Secretary has announced new planning laws today which will create jobs, deliver much-needed new homes and revitalise town centres across England – delivering on the Prime Minister’s commitment to put build, build, build at the heart of our economic recovery and level up the country. 

  • By reforming planning rules and cutting out unnecessary bureaucracy, we can fast track the approval process for both homeowners and small business owners, helping renew our town centres with new businesses and more housing. 
  • Coming into effect in September, these laws will mean full planning applications will no longer be required for the demolishing and rebuilding of used buildings as homes, commercial and retail properties, and will reduce the pressure to build on greenfield sites and deliver more homes that fit the character of their local area, without the red tape. It will also make it easier to extend homes upwards, with homeowners able to add up to two additional storeys to their homes through a fast track approval process.
  • We are determined to reform this country’s planning system to deliver more high-quality, well designed homes, and deliver beautiful and greener communities for people to live, while giving businesses the freedom to adapt and evolve.

Figures released by Health Education England today show a third record-breaking year for GP trainee recruitment in England – ensuring a pipeline of talent for the future and helping us work towards our promise to provide 6,000 more doctors. 

  • The number of doctors entering training is up a record 15 per cent compared to this same point last year, meaning we are on track to beat our target for recruiting 3,500 doctors in training to general practice this year. 
  • We are determined to growing the workforce by 6,000 more doctors, as well as thousands more physiotherapists, pharmacists and other highly skilled practitioners, to deliver an extra 50 million appointments a year. We have also committed at least an additional £1.5 billion in cash terms for general practice over the next 4 years to boost these efforts. 
  • Boosting the workforce will mean bigger teams of medical staff providing a wider range of care options for patients, free up more time to focus on those with more complex needs and ensure patients get the best quality care.