Wealden Policing Update

Increased funding to Wealden Community Safety Partnership

by Police and Crime Commissioner, Katy Bourne

Increasing public confidence is a key measure for police forces and for PCCs, which is why I have been so keen to support local community safety initiatives.  

There are two potential funding streams that I have the discretion to use to help local people make their areas safer: large-scale annual Community Safety Partnership funding, and smaller, discretionary grants of around £5k. In my time in office, I have funded nearly 200 such neighbourhood projects with over £1.5m. 

At a more strategic level, there are 13 Community Safety Partnerships (CSPs) across Sussex. The Wealden CSP has benefited from consistent PCC funding of £26k for each of the past six years, amounting to over £156k. 

Following a comprehensive review of funding allocation to all the CSPs across Sussex, it became apparent the distribution of funds no longer matched population and crime figures, or the overall funding that some CSPs were able to access, including their available reserves. 

I have revised the funding formula to arrive at a smarter allocation of the grant that would be fairer to taxpayers and also to the communities that each CSP is there to help by more closely following demographics and crimes per 1000 head of population. 

This year, Wealden CSP will receive a 48% increase in funding from my office. 

In order to get some more effective and lasting impact in key areas, I am also proposing to ring-fence some of the funding to support county-wide initiatives. One of these could tackle anti-social behaviour for example, which I know will be welcome news to those Wealden towns experiencing outbreaks of anti-social behaviour. 

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