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WELCOME to Wealden News - the regular newsletter from local Conservatives.

We want this new initiative to provide you with information about what is going on: at Wealden District Council and East Sussex County Council; within the Association, and at National Level. Hopefully you will find the articles interesting. 

You will also find information about events we are arranging including political discussions on matters as diverse as the NHS, defence, Brexit and Education (by way of example) which you can attend free of charge.  We intend to produce a report of the discussions to send to CCHQ in the hope that some attention will be paid to the views of the grassroots members. We know that some of you think that all you are wanted for it to donate money, buy raffle tickets and deliver leaflets.  All those things are essential but we also we want you to feel more involved and to have a say.

This newsletter should not be a one-way street. We would welcome your views on its content and ideas for future articles and discussion topics. We would also like you to forward the newsletter to others who are not members or supporters but who you think may be interested, particularly young people whose views are under-represented in the Party, and ask them if they would like to receive it on a regular basis to contact us at office@wealdenconservatives.com or sign-up HERE:


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EARLIER ISSUES are available to download as PDFs, see below.


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