Withyham is a village and large civil parish 3.5 miles from Crowborough; the parish covers approximately 7,500 acres.

CONTACT Conservative Chairman Michael Stone by email or telephone him on 01892 645569

President: Lord Del La Warr.


District Council - Cllr Mrs Johanna Howell email

District Council - Cllr William Rutherford email or telephone 01892 495550

County Council - Cllr Francis Whetstone email




Cllr Johanna Howell

Wealden District Councillor for  Frant/Withyham (covering the parishes of Frant ; Rotherfield (Eridge & Mark Cross) ; and Withyham) Johanna Howell was elected in 2007. She is Chairman of the council's Planning North committee

Cllr William Rutherford

Elected to Wealden District Council in 2012. William Rutherford represents  Frant and Withyham (the parishes of Frant ; Rotherfield (Eridge & Mark Cross) and Withyham)