Future Events

Discussion Evening - University Education

9th May 2018

Join us for our Political Discussion Evening on University Education. 

Are too many people going to university. Is it the best place for 'further education'? Do all young people need a degree to fulfil their ambitions?

Political Discussion Group - Defence

6th June 2018

Our June meeting of the Wealden Discussion Group covers the subject of Defence. 

Defending our shores is a government's key responsibility - but, how much time, money and energy should be devoted to it?

Discussion Group - The Nanny State

11th July 2018

Do we live in a Nanny State? When does freedom, liberty and personal choice become impinged by government control and regulation?

This is the topic for our July meeting of the Wealden Political Discussion Group. Admission free and members, supporters and their friends are welcome.

Quiz Night

14th July 2018

Uckfield Branch will be holding a Quiz Night at the Luxford Centre, Uckfield, on Saturday July 14th.

Further details nearer the time - meanwhile, save the date.


Discussion Group - Immigration

8th August 2018

The thorny subject of Immigration is the topic for the August meeting of Wealden's Political Discussion Group.

Should we have open borders? How many immigrants can our island accommodate? Will Brexit solve all our immigration problems? Can any human be 'illegal'?

Curry Supper Evening

3rd September 2018

Join us for an enjoyable evening in this renowned Indian restaurant. Booking details to follow.

Party Conference goes to Birmingham

30th September 2018
until 3 October

Conservative MPs, ministers and activists are gathering this October. 

This year’s Conservative Party Conference is going to be bigger than ever. And every single member has the right to attend.